25 December 2006

„Name that Kit“-Contest

I made a new kit – it´s very different from my others – and now it needs a name. Name that kit for me, please! The winner will get the full kit plus a surprise! I didn´t think about a deadline yet, the contest will end when I got the right name.

Leave up to three suggestions + your nickname you usually use + your email address (the winner will be notified this way!!!!) here. Ready? Go!! Have much fun!


Diginan,Liz said...

The kit looks very, very good. Love the colours. Here is my first thought.


Audrey77 said...

Vintage Wonderland
Curious Wonders
Sweet Mystery

dianalyn said...

woo hoo i am first to post!!
I suggest Rustic Romance...

Anonymous said...

Just walking out the door catch you in three weeks. My suggestion "Rustic Charm" , by the way love the kit it's very different from your other stuff, great job also. Sonia (SAAB)

Muddy paws said...

Window in Time
Somewhere in Time
Rustic Memories

Muddy Paws said...

Love this kit! The colors are very complimentary to skin tones (and, therefore, pictures!). The kit looks like it'd be named:

Somewhere in Time
Long Ago and Far Away
Time Traveler

MuddyPaws said...

Nice kit! It looks like it'd be named one of the following:

Time Traveler
Long Ago and Far Away
Somewhere in Time

Muddy Paws said...

Love the kit and its colors! It looks like it'd be named one of the following:

Time Traveler
Long Ago and Far Away
Somewhere in Time


Caitlin said...

Awesome colours, may I suggest
~Rustic Charms~

Anonymous said...

Winter Earth
Past Days
Found Again

queensown (at) gmail.com

Anonymous said...

On the Wings of Spring
Good Earth
Spring Flitter


dick clinch said...

The world's most wonderful kit

Liberty, fraternity, equality

Gotta-have kit

~Jessica said...

Secret Garden
Sweet Secrets
A Secret Flutter

~Jessica said...

forgot my email rykku1@yahoo.com

Orrinda said...

Cute kit.

"Under Lock and Key" (tee hee)
"Key to My Heart" (probably wrong colors for that)
"Love is the Key"


Nancy said...

Unlocking Soul
Rustic Beauty

Guadalupe said...

Wowwww, es very nice kit, original and cool....

Tamalita said...

hmm. i'm not very good coming up with titles for anything. i love the colors.

here are my thoughts ...

copper dreams
teal butterfly


aquajanna said...

First of all: thank you for the advent calendar adventure. I've enjoyed every day of it. Secondly: My suggetions are:
Tuscan sunset
Butterfly dreams


Darlene said...

First...WOW!!! what a beautifully designed kit! Love the beautiful blues/russet colourings together!

as for kit names...LOL!! here are my trys:

1. Nostalgic Passions
2. Dearest Blessings
3. Rustic Awakenings

good luck choosing...there are some totally gorgeous names here!

email: darlene@beesewwhimsical.com

Sandy said...

Great kit.
For me, it looks like: charming secret, loving secret or sweet secret.

Jilly said...

Butterfly Dreaming
Autumn wings
Country Dance
Any good lol?


twoisisomega said...

This kit is beautiful, finally found your site!! How about "Rustic Blue", "Vintage Blue" or "Timeless Charm"

twoisisomega said...

Oops, forgot my email; twoisisomega @ ameritech .net

Lynn said...

"Rustic Whimsy"
"Whimsically Inclined"
"Whimsical Touch"
"Dash Of Whimsy"

Lynn said...

"Rustic Whimsy"
"Whimsically Inclined"
"Whimsical Touch"
"Dash Of Whimsy"

Lynn said...


ConnyB said...

Okay, I´ll try it also, you know my email address *gg*

"Key to sweet memories"
"Locked treasures"
"Memories treasured safe"

Suzanne said...

Very pretty, very romantic feel to it! How about:
Secrets from the Past


Anonymous said...



Kat said...

Manu - how pretty!!

Oh I liked "My Secret Garden", but I just notice Jessica has something similiar...hmm

"Garden of Dreams"
"Timeless Treasure"
"Flowers of our past"

Whatever you pick it's beautiful!

Kat said...


"Timeless Treasure"
"Past memories"
"Nostalgic Dreams"

Manu - your new kit is beautiful! Congratulations!

AmyW. said...

So I'm thinking...
Days Past
Timeless Memories
Childhood Treasures

Whatever you choose it's simply beautiful Manu!

Paula Patrick, USA said...

"Rustic Outdoors"

comes to mind as well as

"Earthly Wonders"

Great colors and kit!


Sandy said...

Ich hatte heute morgen auch einige Vorschlöäge geschrieben. Warum sind die denn nicht hier zu sehen?

Yaheira said...

Sehr schönes Kit.
Hier meine Vorschläge:

1. Treasures from the attic
2. Love never rusts
2. Unlock old times (alternativ: Unlock (old) memories, Unlock your dreams, Unlock your heart)

Meine Mail-Adresse sende ich dir per PM bei Rakscraps.

sabdesbois said...

Love this new style and the colors.
I would suggest: "A precious boudoir" - "My secret place".

donwilmom said...

Verdigris on Memories
Patina of time
Rust and Verdigris
These are suggestions from donwilmom@hotmail.com. The colors remind me of the lovely patina that comes on coper with time.

rita said...

I found your blog on ConnyB blog.
What a beautiful kit!
My sugestion is:

"Secrets Forever"



Anonymous said...

My first thought was Rustic Charm but that was already suggested so my next idea is "Rustic Embrace" (there are some great ideas here)


Anonymous said...

Wonderful kit!!!!

1. Timeless Antiquity
2. Love's Memories
3. Unlocked Treasures

Wow, lot of names to choose from.:-)


Lauren said...

Love the kit! My suggestion is: Retro Spice

Danielle said...

Unlock Nature's Magic
Unlock Nature's Miracle
Unlock Nature's Beauty

dmsc33 (Nickname)
dmsc33@yahoo.com (email)


Cheryl said...

Rustic Wings

cherylzyx at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

another suggestion:
As Time Goes By

cherylzyx at yahoo dot com

Terry said...

YOur kit is very pretty and very rustic. You did a great job with it

Anonymous said...

I think the colors look sort of antique and I love the butterflys, so how about:

1. "Antique Wings" OR

2. "Winged Heritage"


Terry said...

Very pretty colors

My idea:
Rustic Beauty


Demetria said...

Looks like a very nice kit. Here goes it.

Butterfly garden
Sun Shine on my Blue Skies
Nothing like Spring!


anneofalamo@yahoo.com said...

I tried to imagine how I would use the kit..the colors and the elements...the blues add a different diminsion than the usual rustic kits...
My suggestions:

Antique Treasures

A Glimpse of Fall

Pondering Growing Old

lindad said...

I love the colors. My suggestions are:

Secrets of the Mediterranean

Treasures of the Mediterrean

Charms of the Mediterrean


Anonymous said...

Looks lovely! How about:

Rusty Blue Memories
Afternoon Blues
Treasures from the Attic

hyphen_eight at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

Vintage Dreams
Dreamy Skies
Nature's Dreams

Kendi AKA KendiRN70@aol.com

twoboyz00 said...

I love the color scheme of this kit. How about:

Rusty Treasures
Copper Dreams

email address:
twoboyz00 at netscape.net

Serena said...

Hi Manu! :D

Okay, how about..

Rusted Elegance
Days Gone By
Rusted Garden


I think it's lovely! Very nice! Then then again, I love all your stuff. Have a wonderful day.


Joanne K said...

This is a beautiful kit!!
I thought of the tropics as soon as I saw the colours, so here are my suggestions

Tropical Treasures
Tropical Breezes
Summer Treasures

My email is joannek_888@yahoo.ca

fran b said...

Deja blue is the name i pick.

A very beautiful kit!!

Joyce said...

I love the colors and the elements are awesome! How about calling it:
Nature's Key
Key to Nature
The Rusty Key

Diginan,Liz said...

My other two suggestions:-

Tainted Teal

Verdigris Filegree

Angelsothername said...

Wow, what a great kit!! Looks Awesome, can't wait. Here's my guesses:

Rusty Vintage
Vintage Antiques
Touch of Teal

user name: angelsothername
email: angel_4a_cowboy2002@yahoo.com

Sandy said...

Dann hat es wohl nicht geklappt beim ersten Mal. Hier also noch mal meine Vorschläge:
Beautiful Secrets
Charming Secrets
Keep the secret

Suzanne said...

Rustic Treasures
Antique Treasures
Vintage Treasures
VIntage Aqua
Turqoise Treasures

Sorry got carried away....can't you tell I'm all for Treasures in the title!?! LOL!

Great kit and thanks again for the advent kit!! LOVE IT!


Darlene said...

What a totally darlin' kit...a gorgeous blend of colour. I had posted a couple of days ago but it seems the entry didn't get through...hehe. I'll try it again -

My suggestions:

1. Dearest Nostalgia
2. Breathless Soul
3. Thymeless Blessings

Bonnie said...

Lovely elements Manu!
My first choice before looking at the comments was "Rustic Charm" and funny enough some have already said that, so my three choices would be:
1) The Secret Garden
2) Treasure Trove
3) Flight of Whimsy


heylady said...

Turquoise Butterfly
Vintage Memories

suavejett said...

Rustic Love Past


shawnyrvr said...

"Whimsical Solice"
"Patina Past"
"Aqua Antiquities"

Those are my three suggestions. It's a lovely kit... very exquisite! Bravisimo!!!


shawnyrvr @ gmail . com

Darlene said...

Oops!!! I forgot my email also although I think it's attached in my linked name. Here it is just in case...

here it is:

Anonymous said...

I love the kit. It is beautiful. My suggestions for names are:

Butterfly Blues
Antique charm
Classic Beauty


kruemelmai said...

Rustic memorys
Save the memories
butterfly romance
key to my heart

Jalos said...

Wow, love this one!
Here are some suggestions from me :
The key to Nature
Secrets of my heart
Butterfly kisses
( email : spikermantsje@wanadoo.nl )

SuzScrappy said...

Treasured Blues

Anonymous said...

Secret Butterfly Garden
Butterfly Garden


Anonymous said...

My suggestions for your kit is Secret Treasures, Treasures Lost, Treasures Found.


Kat said...

So many great suggestions already for your beautiful kit. How about Keys to the Past?


audrey77 said...

my email