26 December 2006


@ Sandy: sorry, hatte von dir keine Vorschläge im Fach :( Würde sie supergerne berücksichtigen, ich hoffe, du weißt sie noch und probierst es noch einmal?? LG

@ALL: PLEASE don´t forget to leave your EMAIL ADRESS here!! "Anonymous" comments can´t win, because I cannot contact you.
And: I really love to see how active and unbelievable creative you all are in finding names!! But: Please choose no more than 3 as I told you - 3 comments with 3 names in each from the same person makes 9 - this doesn´t increase your chance to win ;)
There a so many great suggestions mentioned already, that I will set the deadline to this week´s friday

Hugs and thanks to all!


Terrell said...

Thanks for the freebies! I think that the name for your kit could be something like "Winter turns to Spring" Since you have some slightly dark colors on more spring like elements. Good Luck!

Kat said...

Hi Manu! I just realized I was one of the people who double posted!! I did not intentionally do this My computer said it didn't go through - so I did it again and I couldn't remember what I wrote. Please delete one it doesn't matter which to me - I was just having fun! Sorry for the drama! Leave it up to me :-) ((hugs))

Sandy said...

Danke Manu, habe gerade meine Vorschläge abgegeben. :)

aquajanna said...

Can't believe this: I was the fourth to name your kit and today I checked other competitors and saw that my entry somehow never made it??? So therefore again I post my names again: Tuscan Sunset and Butterfly dreams. Hopefully this goed through as this is a marvelous kit!

AmyW. said...

I think you really can tell everyone's email addresses thru telepathy and just don't want the world to know that you are so super talented!


Diginan,Liz said...

Hi Manu, I posted twice but only left 3 names. Can you view my email address by clicking on my profile? I really don't know how these blogs work ?????