24 January 2015

Birthday Sale, New Collab & Freebie

Hi all!

Tomorrow is my Birthday. My 36th. Thirtysix...doesn't sound much other than last year LOL. Last year I even wasn't sure how old I am. Time flies. I'm not going to have a huge party. I'll be home with hubby, having a lazy day, watching a movie, doing some designing. These days this is what I enjoy most on Sundays - being home and don't have to do anything - tomorrow won't be an exception.
But of course I will have a digi celebration for you LOL! My stores at the Studio are 50% off with chance of extra 10% off, I have a brandnew collab out and of course a freebie for you!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Birthday Sale! 50% off (and more)

Both my stores at the Studio are 50% off through January 31. Collabs with in store designers in the PU store are excluded though. If you are quick you can grab one of 36 coupons to get another 10% off if you purchase for $ 10 or more in my PU store or CU store. Take the chance with coupon code ManuBDeal10 ;)
My Personal Use Store at The Studio
My Commercial Use Store at The Studio

Just Imagining - A Collab with Zesty Designs

I'm so happy I finally got to work with my dear friend Esther aka Zesty Designs again. This is our second collab and I love how it turned out! Hope you like it, too :)

Just Imagining is available exclusively at The Studio. Save 35% off the single packs and kit and even 56% off if you purchase the bundle!

Hands tick by on the clock as life speeds lightning fast.
One person pondering the future, another reminiscing the past.
The lull of a saxophone, a toast between friends,
a balloon across the landscape, a new journey begins.
Each face holds a story, unique, all their own,
my mind Just Imagining what seeds each has sown.
The yelp of a puppy, a duck in the park,
each creature on earth leaves its own tiny mark.

New - Monthly Free Kit Nuthouse-Scraps

Have you seen Nuthouse-Scraps now provides a FREE kit every month? It's devided into 3 parts through the month. You can get Part 1 on the FB page, Part 2 in the Newsletter and Part 3 in the Store. Part three is available now, don't miss the whole thing as long as it's free, it's awesome ;)

I rarely post my nl freebies on my blog, too, so if you don't want to miss out the next ones, subscribe to my nl here

I have a free Just Imagining Quick Page for you! Click to download and enjoy :) If you wonder where Free QP 1 is... look out for it in the Studio forum in a bit!


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