22 May 2013

70% off Sisters & Friends TODAY ONLY

Sisters & Friends is a collaboration kit by Aquarius Design and ManuScraps for all of us out there who have a sister, a stepsister, a cousin or sister-in-law, maybe even a mother young at heart. Or do you have a girlfriend that is just like a sister you never had? You need a friend that goes through your tears and sorrows with you, your laughter and happiness and for sure you have a woman in your life who means the world to you. You share everything from secrets to lipstick, you confide in each other and nothing can ever break you apart. Scrap your friendship or sisterhood in shades of blue and purple, pink and a touch of apple green.

Sisters & Friends is our DOTD.  Save 70% Off the kit or collection!

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The Studio Newsletter Previews Template

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 The Studio Newsletter Previews Template

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