04 June 2010

About our freebies at Nuthouse-Scraps.com Store

Since I had "anonymous" persons complaining that freebies in our store wouldn't be free at all, I'll try to explain it.

To pick up freebies in our store you must be a registered customer (which didn't hurt - you don't even get a newsletter if you don't like it).
Of course we love to give you something for free, but we think all our products are worth beeing looked at, aren't they? That's why. We want you to look around and if you don't want to buy something, you put a freebie in your cart, go through checkout and you're done.

Our freebies DO have a price on it, BUT if there's a label on the right saying "FREE" than it IS FREE. Go and try. Put in your cart, go through checkout and Paypal will not charge you anything, you'll be directed to your download link.

FREE SAMPLE: ColourWashed Brushed Scene

FREE SAMPLE: ColourWashed Brushed Scene

Here's your FREE Sample of a BRUSHED ColourWashed Scene by Debbers. One technique that artists have used for hundreds of years is underpainting their...
It's Free!

... more info
Max: 1

All our wonderful customers know that, cause they can read. THANK YOU ALL, WE LOVE YOU!!!

All freebie hunters, who only want to grab and run and don't think about saying thank you or are thankful and even complain about things that are even not true... I'm just sorry for you. Hopefully you read that, get your freebies and be happy.

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