12 May 2010

CU Grab Bag winner

Let's see.... I found the following comments on my blog:
I'll mark the things that really can be found in my bag bold red
Blogger tiggconn said ... (1:07 AM) :

hmmm, looks like stock photos, overlays, textures, flowers, photo masks, and some garden items (bench, trellis/fence). Am I close? LOL Would love to win it but if not, I'll go buy it, too. :) Thanks for a chance!

Blogger Anna said ... (1:16 AM) :

Papers, Overlays, Frames, Fence, Chair, Clips, Mats, Masks, Flowers, Cardboard, and a Brush set?

Blogger Sa Toya said ... (6:49 PM) :

a duck, a bench, papers...something fluffy, flowers

Yes, there's really a DUCK, but you can't see it at all in the preview - how did you found that out? *lol*

Blogger sdentico@gmail.com said ... (8:08 PM) :

OK, I see kraft papers, torn paper or torn edges, deck/lawn chair, bench or fence, old wood frame, mat with frayed edges, stock photos, flowers and greenery.
Thanks for the chance to win it!!!!


There is noone having 6 items right, but yes, it was a bit tricky ;)

So the bag goes toooooooooo:



(a coupon for grabbing the bag will be sent to you)

And since I hate having to let go nice people without a goodie, the others get a coupon for 20% off in my store - if I can find all emailadresses to send it to ;)

Thank you for you comments!

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sdentico@gmail.com said...

Thank you so much for the chance to win this wonderful goodie bag!!!!!! I will really enjoy all the parts of it!!!! Although I'm not sure how I will use the duck :-D.