31 January 2010

For all the confused....

I had a few comments from anonym ladies complaining they cannot find a download link or something what should be free isn't free...

So I thought I make it clear for all
- the freebies are only available up to 48 hours.
- yes, you have to use any of the links you're given in the post and maybe search a bit in the store
- yes, you have to go through checkout in the store, but when a product is marked free, then you DON'T have to pay for it.
- if there's a price showing up when you put the product in the cart then it is not available for free any longer and I'm sorry for that.

We have a great party, a freebie every day of it (which means 8 days!).
We have a sale 40% off all products by Aquarius Design and ManuScraps and this includes all commerical use products, too.
You even can have the Collab Kit Let's Party People for FREE. If you put other products from our stores worth of $ 10 in your cart you'll get a coupon to get the kit free.
Let me tell you we had hundreds of orders because of the freebies but NONE of them were other than the freebies.
And we still have fun at our party, even if only 2 or 3 thought about saying THANK YOU or even HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

And I think this is the time for me to say thank you to all the others who ever said thanks, for all who said Happy Birthday and all who ever bought and used my products.

For those who read this to the end I'm thankful and will continue to make freebies available.
And for those who have used my commercial use products I have a special offer - but about this I'll speak about next time.

Thank you for reading,


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