31 January 2009

I got an Award!!!

I'm so excited! I got an Award from Esther. Hugs to you, hun!! :)

I want to give this to 3 special friends of mine, too:

1. Deb (the Scrapping Cop) - thank you for all the wonderful cu goodies I got from you! You so derserve it!

2. Amy W. - thank you for coming back to DXD, always making me laugh and running with your stupid wet noodles!!

3. Sabine - a super cool lady and a quite new and awesome designer at NDISB. Love your stuff, Sabine! *hugs*


Deb said...


Thank you so much for the sweet award and kind comments! I appreciate it very much and am so happy you can find good use of my freebies!

xashee's corner said...

Just stopping in to say hi & big CONGRATS on your award!! You totally deserve it! and it looks good on you too!! :D Hope you have a SUPER evening!