13 December 2008

12 Days

Tomorrow starts the 12 Days of Christmas over at DigiByDesign! Each day a different designer is featured! Their shop will be 25% off and they will have one part of a coordinating Christmas kit we made just for you!
I'm very sorry not to be on the list of featured designers, because my pc died this week :( I wasn't able to make a freebie for you - but make sure to check out the other ones!! Here's the whole list of who, what and when:

And also on day 8 (12/20) we'll be having a fun Christmas Bingo chat! Grab your card HERE, fill it out and join us for fun and prizes!
And here's a sneek peek at what you get just for showing up to play!
So join us for Christmas Bingo Saturday December 20th @ 7 pm eastern in the DigiByDesign chat room!
(Download card HERE)


Art Trails said...

Thank you for the comment you left on my blog, I came to visit you and found you had some lovely things on your blog and visited your store, I was very impressed with the great quality of your products and will highly recommend you to others as well..quality is so important, I used your lovely blister product in my new freebie and...gave you credit in my terms and on my blog I hope it is okay by you.if not let me know..thank you again..kind regards

xashee's corner said...

wishing you a very safe & Merry Holiday!!! :D

xashee's corner said...

Stopping in to thank you for visiting me on my blog!! Also to wish you a very safe & WONDERFUL New Year!! :D