09 April 2008

New Mega Kit at DSS "Egg Me On"

The new Mega Kit "Egg Me On" is available at DSS now!!!

Get it here for $ 5.98 now and save 14% off a short time only!
April's Mega Kit is something very, very special - I think the biggest one (and one of the best) we ever had! Our designers bring you amazing
- 98 papers
- 193 elements
- 1 alpha set (UC, LC, numbers, some punctuation)
- a set of decorative brackets
- a set of 5 quick cards templates

a total of over 650 mb!!!
Egg me on comes with soft colored papers, beautiful flowers, lots of awesome ribbons and bows, lovely frames and - of course - you can find an egg or easter bunny here and there. And no, that's not only a kit for easter...spring is in the air, can you smell it?

Note: We wanted to try out something new to satisfy your demand! From this month on you can purchase every designer's contribution to the mega kit seperately for a very low price also if you don't want the whole kit - so what's your choice?

That's my contribution: get it here for $ 1.50 only!

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