29 July 2007

Unpacking the stockings and celebrating

Missed the stockings? Want to know what was inside? I unpacked them, each had 4 new products inside which go to the shops at DXD and DSS now!

The stocking @DigiByDesign contained:

And this was in the stocking @DigiScrapShak

I want to celebrate my new job at DSS in August! Hope you are subscribed to the monthly NL? you can get all my stuff 40% off till 15th ;)


Saab said...

Hi Manu,

I have a present on my blog for you...made with love from me :) Just want to say Congrats of the promotion at work....awesome news!!!!!

Hugs Sonia

Sue Nicholson said...

Hi Manu just stopping by to say Congratulations.

Came over from Sonia's Blog :)

Shell said...

Congrats on your promotion! I am still trying to track down the DSS newsletter. Ugh they know I want your stuff BAD lol.

Judy said...

I'm still looking for the newsletter too! I want that coupon! LOL