07 January 2007


Today I got a PM from Angie Young @ Digital Scrapbook Pages, she´s a great designer @ Digitals (Shop). I downloaded a pretty free sample template a day or two before and gave a simple little "thanks" for it (quite natural!?).
And here´s what she wrote:

"I wanted to send everyone who took the time to say "thank you" for my free downloads, a free gift. I appreciate your thanks, and so I picked a couple of random templates from the store to give to you. This is the link for you to download them. Have a wonderful day!
Angie Young"
Unbelievable - I got a gift for saying "thanks" for a freebie?!
So please, please, please leave some love when you download freebies anywhere!! It´s a gift for you where a designer spents all her time and love on making it! Be deeply grateful, respect the designer´s work, appreciate this gift! Spend the seconds it takes to leave at least a little thank you!


ConnyB said...

Das ist ja klasse! Du hast recht: man sollte sich überall die Zeit nehmen wenigstens kurz Danke zu sagen. Das ist nichts im Vergleich zu der Zeit die ein Designer braucht um schöne Sachen herzustellen :)
Glückwunsch zu deinem unerwarteten Geschenk!!!

Serena said...

That's Awesome!! I always try and leave at Least a thanks cause I more than appreciate the time they take to make them and to so generously share with us.

It means a lot, especially to a stay at home mother like me who can't afford all the really cute kits and have to piece together freebies until I can get some fun money up again.

It's why I appreciate what you do as well, you are So very talented. One of these days I'm going to be able to purchase items from my favorites that are so wonderfully generous. :)

Thank you so much for your hard work. :)

jburkhart said...

Just wanted to tell you thank you for the lovely template you have created and shared with us! This is so gorgeous and I can't wait to get the chance to do it! Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic template! I love it. I can see so many possibilities with this QP. I struggle so much with layout designs, and so I am falling in love with these templates.
Thanks so much for so generously sharing.
With big Hugs,

Nj0 said...

It only takes a second to say thank you! So thank you for the new template Manu!

Suzanne said...

I was one of those few as well on that same template! That was so sweet and generous of Angie to respond that way when in fact she is due much thanks, as you as well, for such generosity!!

Thank you!

Terry said...

wow it is funny because Ihad a designer from Digitals give me a kit for saying how cute I thought her new kit was that she was saleing.Goes to showing what can happen when you leave a nice comment and just how great the designers are