30 December 2006

Contest´s end

OMG... I don´t know what to say - you left me incredible many wonderful suggestions here, I have so many names to choose from now, that it´s very difficult to decide! I made a list with ALL suggestions arrived (there were NO name I didn´t like *lol*). The one´s which caught my eye or were extraordinary I marked green. The second time I decreased it to 10 (!!!) favorites which I marked red.
These 10 will get ALL the "little surprise", because I really can´t delete one of them without starting to cry *lol* Tomorrow I will write the 10 on pieces of paper, put them all in a hat and my friend will pick out the winner. That´s fair I think, because the kit can only get ONE name, right?
The favorites and the winner will be named sunday here on my blog and get an email. Stay patient *lol*



Darlene said...

I can see why you'd have trouble deciding on one name....LOL!!! They were all gorgeous & so suiting this beautiful kit. I don't envy you the task of picking the final name so the hat & a best friend is a good choice...

Have a wonderful New Year!

ConnyB said...

Das muss wirklich schwer zu entscheiden sein *gg* Bin ja mal gespannt welcher Name es dann schafft, was ich so gelesen habe klang wirklich alles ganz toll :)

Serena said...

::hugs!!:: Just wanted a hug. hee. Congratulations to the winner, and I'm glad you got some great suggestions!! :D

Happy Holidays!!

Jalos said...

How exciting!
I wonder who is gonna be the lucky one!
Great idea to let you friend make the pick out of your favourit ones!