10 November 2006

Finding MOM...

Yesterday in the evening I called my mom. You have to know that I talk to her two to three times a month because she lives 300 km away from me, so we can meet only 3 – 4 times a year.

Well, she told me that she was camping a few weeks ago. She was so excited and said: “You do have internet, don´t you? Please, please look at this site (she gave me the link, I typed in while she was spelling)!!! There´s a photo of me!!! I found the site though false spelling, and saw different pages over and over with pictures.
I asked: “Mom, where may I find you??? There are about 800 photos on this site!?” Mom said: “Well, there were me, a friend, other people around us, we both with sun glasses, sitting. I wore a khaki colored shirt, a jeans… And yes…, we had coffee!” I answered: “Ok., I´ll take a look at it later, I´m sure, I´ll find you.” She: “Could you please print this picture for me twice and send it to me? I have to have it”

Sure, Mom, sure… After the call I sat here searching mom. And no, you can´t see anything on the photos without open them one by one in a pop-up window. I did it. Looked at 800 pictures full of people I´ve never seen before. No mom. Ok… second round. And yes….!!!! Here she is *lol* (Why in heaven does she need a photo where she´s shown from behind???? And do you see coffee cups?? All I can see are beer bottles *hehe*)
Picture from: http://www.qek-junior.de/

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ConnyB said...

Deine Mom ist ja witzig LOL
Ich glaube ich hätte aufgegeben irgendwann. Glückwunsch zur Strapazierfähigkeit deiner Geduld!!!