04 June 2012

Last chance 35% off Country Cottage, Intro Part 2 & 3rd Freebie

Aquarius Design
A little about your background….
1 When did you start Designing? 
I started to play with taggerkits and creating tags  in PSP in 2006, in 2008 I released my first freebies and learned PS. Now I work with PS CS4 and  Artrage Studio Pro although I still haven’t gotten time to manage all features of this program.. 

2 How did you chose your Design name ? 
I guess my choice for this is quite simple, since I my sign is Aquarius that was an easy pick *lol*

3 Where do you live? I live in the Netherlands nearby Germany and Belgium.
4 Tell us about your family ie, hubby, kids, etc? I am married and have 3 kids in ages 5 to 13, they are my world I can’t imagine having found more joy then with my husband and kids. We also have 2 fur babies a dog and cat.
Getting to know you…
5 Do you have a ‘real’ job besides designing? I work (almost) fulltime as a kind of an accountant, when the kids are at school that is the  place I am at filling my time.
6 What is your favourite hobby besides Digi Scrapping? That is easy I love to take photographs altho I wish I had way more skills in that department, my wish is (when I get more time) to attend a photography course to make my photo’s stunning ;-)
7 How long have you been designing? About 4 years.
8 What is one of your pet peeves? Housework. I mean, who really likes doing this? Just looking at my floors now they are completely dirty with sand, hair and stuff and the laundry (rolling eyes) gosh I thought I had washed it all (except I didn’t iron since it was too hot to do that the last few days) but if I look in the laundry basket I just feel overwhelmed at what is already in there again (sigh).
9 If you could travel anywhere where would you go? I want to see so many places, I would love to go the states, Indonesia, etc. etc. but with kids you can’t go ‘see’ the real country so that is on my ‘to do’ list when they have grown up ( and when I have saved enough to do this ).
10 Tell us something about you that no one knows.  Uhm that is a hard question, I think I am a very private person and rather not talk about personal stuff unless it is someone I really know,  although I could tell you that I have fought cancer a bit too often not just myself but in my family as well  a matter of fact we are dealing with this again with my milf who I love dearly.
Show us three of your own favourite products currently available in your store 
My DigiDesignResort Store and my Nuthouse-Scraps Store

Show us three of your favourite ct layouts
I love all the layouts my Creative Team makes. I have an AWESOME team but these three are a good representation of the Inspiration you’ll find over in my Gallery

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A window cluster frame in both shadowed and unshadowed versions

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